Birth High

Katherine Emrick
Birth High

Birth is transformative and awakening. Transitioning from woman to mother – stepping outside of your body, you watch from above as your muscles contract and constrict – your womb hugging your baby and gently directing her toward the world that awaits.

This big cold world – warm and waiting hands. Contradiction makes its appearance in the beauty and pain dancing and swaying together as your mind wraps around this moment of magnitude. Body twists and opens while oxytocin pours into each and every corner of your round glowing body. Love flows through your curves and meets no edge.

Your mouth opens and fills the room with bellows and roars. This fierce pull to control that which cannot be controlled. The internal struggle of releasing and surrendering to your body and her nature is hard won and once this challenge is done, you will carry this strength into your coming days as a mother.

Screams of babe as she fills her lungs with the air of the room. Oxygenating her blood with the breath of her mother love. Even after birth – connection remains in the last tie to the womb. Pulsing and flowing, her lifeline to you is pumping and throbbing with life. Final cut and the babe is yours. Clumsy hands cup your breast as you squeeze and clench. Latch baby latch.

The focus and guidance is thick and the feeling of yes after lips flanged wide and belly is flush with yours – is overwhelming. Feelings unlike anything you’ve experienced before – flood in and take over. Body shakes with hormone overload and suddenly your eyes are heavy and your body grows cold. She falls asleep at the breast as your heavy lids strain to stay open – you feel a tremble and see her perfect lip quiver as her muscles relax – she’s unlatched.

Sleep overcomes her tiny body and the women bustling around you remind you to rest. This time after birth – the next two to four hours are yours, the last long rest for a while.

Your body was made for this – The growing, the carrying, the birthing, the swaying, the way your hip has that perfect little ledge for diaper bottomed butts. Long days and nights bring you to your knees some days, but those other days… Those beautiful days.

It’s something indescribable – out of this world.

The sleepy smile as she nurses – milk flowing from the corners of her mouth as she drifts away to sleep.

You miss her even when she is near.

You feel her in the depths of your soul and you love her more than you even know.

​Incomparable to anything in this world. ​